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We are expert in Factory and Substation Construction

33 KV Substation Control Building at Panchagarh

We have completed Construction of Control Building, Switchyard of 33 kV Substation at Panchagarh and completed Installation of All equipments as Subcontructor.

33 kV Substation
Switchgear Panel



We have completed 16 33 kV Substation Construction, Installation as Subcontructor. WE have handed over all the projects within deadline. Our smart project planning, Manpower, equipment allocation and financial planning help us to complete the project with high standard and within deadline. 

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Retaining Wall

RCC Retaining Wall

We have completed RCC Retaining Wall at Sylhet Cantonment, Bangladesh. It was a tough and challenging Work. We did Piling first for strong retaining wall of 1.8 meter high.

28 MVA XFR Foundation

28 MVA XFR Foundation

We have completed 16 projects where 28 MVA Transformer Foundation was constructed. We work with utmost sincerity and dedication for best quality civil construction within deadline.

Equipment Foundation

Equipment Foundation

We have completed Substation Equipment Foundations for 16 projects. Our objective is to construct best quality and as per dimension works for all our civil construction.